Gennie’s torn between her parents

Chas feels terrible about mistakenly having a go at Gennie and she arranges a meeting between herself, Shadrach and Gennie in an attempt to smooth things over. Shadrach is pleased things are going well until Brenda arrives and spots Gennie hugging Shadrach. Brenda is mortified when Gennie is forced to introduce Shadrach as her biological father and she makes it clear that Gennie will have to choose between her and Shadrach.

Val learns that Diane has entered the pub into the Horse and House pub of the year competition. When Val learns that the competition organisers will be sending a mystery customer to check the pub out, she worries that the Dingle clan will lower the tone and bars them. Zak and Lisa are furious and Zak organises a picket line in protest!

Viv is determined to find Freddie and she makes up her own wanted poster with a photo-fit of Freddie. Bob doesn�t rate Viv�s chances of success when Viv reveals that she�s emailed it to the Hotten Courier in the hope that they will print it. Donna is disapproving when she learns that Viv is trying to get postie Jamie to put her wanted posters through doors.

Also, Katie organises an engagement dinner.