There’s trouble at the factory and Gennie’s struggling to contain it. The main problem is that the workers don’t like Nikhil’s attitude so they’re giving him attitude themselves. It’s got to the point where the girls are refusing to return to work after lunch because they’re not happy with Nikhil’s expectations of them. Gennie gets them back on the production line by promising to talk to Nikhil about increasing their pay. But Nikhil pushes them too far – again – and the women put him in his place.

Feeling undermined, Nikhil needs someone to lash out at – and it’s Gennie who’s in his line of fire. Failing to appreciate all Gennie has done to try to keep his business running, Nikhil turns on her. But the argument isn’t limited to business; Nikhil makes it personal and Gennie is shocked by what he has to say.

Amy’s upset by what Zak has to say to her when they talk about her thieving ways. She thinks he has no faith in her and she desperately needs someone to believe in her right now. Amy’s first choice would be Val – and Val does want to trust the girl. But this girl has been nothing but trouble…