Geoff and Annie fear for Reverend Hall

As he prepares for his operation, remorseful Reverend Hall is ready for the worst. He makes his will and gives Morag a package for Geoff and Annie in case things go wrong. While Geoff and Annie worry, Aden goads them as Annie prays fervently in class. Later, they arrive at the hospital to learn that things have taken a turn for the worse. The Reverend is alive but brain dead.

Annie can’t believe that God could have let this happen, and it’s too much for her. Morag gives them the parcel containing the Reverend’s bible, and Annie hurls it at her brother in an act of defiance. Tony later finds her on the beach, in tears and inconsolable, feeling that she has lost everything. Irene has to make a considerable effort to convince Annie to go home and get some rest.

Meanwhile, Aden feels no pity for Geoff despite hearing about the Reverend’s death, and continues his verbal attack on Geoff, prompting him to explode.

Also, Dom heads to the city for an interview, but returns unsuccessful. And Lucas leaves the Bay for university and a budding writing career.

*Showing on RTE One, Tuesday March 25*

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