Geoff and Claudia’s relationship heats up

Claudia visits Geoff and he snogs her in front of Nicole, who is shocked. Geoff takes Claudia to a vacant caravan and they make love. Afterwards, asleep, Geoff and Claudia don’t notice smoke filling the caravan…

Jai’s nervous about his fight with Trey. During Pippa’s farewell dinner, Jai sneaks out to postpone the fight until tomorrow. The next day, Miles, Kirsty and Pippa worry about Jai and Annie notices that Jai’s distracted. When Leah needs to deliver a business cheque to Roman, Jai offers. He wants combat tips from Roman.

Roman’s suspicious and advises Jai to avoid fights. Ruby overhears Jai’s plans and turns up to find Jai and Trey fighting. When one of them is pushed against a fire drum, it rolls towards a caravans and it catches fire. The boys continue, unaware.

When Charlie discovers one of her diamond earrings is missing, Joey and Ruby help her look and Ruby asks if it could be at Hugo’s. Charlie feels even more guilty when Joey tells her how good it is to finally be with someone she truly loves.

Pippa finds Hugo’s missing phone and Joey offers to return it to him. When Hugo sees Joey he’s guilt-ridden and Joey spots Charlie’s earring at his house. When she confronts Charlie about it, Charlie comes clean. Joey leaves.

*Showing on RTE One, Monday May 18*

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