Geoff and Nicole are found

Charlie has secured the services of a helicopter to search for the missing Nicole and Geoff, and Roman is relieved to spot a ‘help’ sign Geoff made on the island. Luckily, help has arrived just in time for a sick Nicole who is taken off to hospital to recover from aspiration pneumonia. Later, Roman is horrified to learn that Martha has lost his baby.

Rachel is still missing, but it seems she has been investigating medication which went missing from the boot of her car. Suspecting Aden was helping Larry, she went to Aden’s house and discovered Larry seriously ill and a furious Aden holding him captive until he died. Put in a difficult position by Rachel’s sudden appearance, Aden took her captive too.

Now, Belle heads over to Aden’s house and is shocked when she sees him standing outside Larry’s shed, before spotting a dishevelled looking Rachel and a seriously sick Larry being held captive.

Alf receives a call from Martha telling him the news that she has lost her baby. He tells Charlie what has happened, but both agree not to break the news to Roman yet.

*Showing on RTE One, Thursday October 16*

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