Geoff and Ruby still haven’t consummated their relationship so Ruby hatches a plan. Geoff finds Ruby in the bedroom – she’s made the place look romantic and the two finally make love.

Nicole tries to make up with Liam but Poppie interrupts them, ostensibly for a music lesson. Liam gets rid of her. Later, Aden brings Nicole bad news: Poppie’s sister Catie told him that Liam cheated on Nicole while she was at the Formal. Nicole confronts Liam. He denies nothing, but tries to turn the blame onto Nicole. They fight, and Nicole eventually tells Liam it’s over.

Aden starts work at the Sands Hotel, after taking Reg’s daughter, Catie, to the Formal. Aden hates his uniform, his shift and Reg’s attitude. He’s also uptight about the unopened letter from Belle in his pocket. Catie then reveals that her sister, Poppie, slept with Liam on Formal night.

Aden finally reads Belle’s letter. Belle has put her finger on exactly what Aden’s going through. Aden’s day keeps going downhill and he’s sacked. When Poppie gives him attitude he steals her car. Spying Nicole on the roadside after her break-up with Liam, he tells her to get in. She agrees and the pair leave the Bay.