As Melody waits at Nicole’s party for Geoff, Annie convinces him that he should go and see her. But when he gets there, Geoff tells a devastated Melody to go home and breaks things off with her. Geoff and Annie leave while Melody retreats upstairs. A drunken Axel tries to comfort her, but when she leaves, she’s withdrawn and uncharacteristically furious at Geoff.

As more gatecrashers arrive, it seems less likely Nicole will get away with holding the party. But she and Aden remarkably manage to get everyone out and remove any trace of the party, before Roman gets home. But they’re rumbled when Axel staggers downstairs and asks Roman where the party went.

At the Pier Diner grand opening, pregnant Martha is having a hard time refusing all the champagne she’s being offered. She and Rachel leave early, and Rachel explains that due to the short period of time between breaking up with Roman and getting together with Jack, it’s too close to tell who the baby’s dad is.

Worse, the tests needed to find out for sure would increase the likelihood of miscarriage. Rachel thinks Martha has to tell Jack, but Martha is worried it will jeopardise their relationship.

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