Geoff breaks up with Nicole

Nicole tells Aden she’s worried that things are ruined with Geoff since their trip to the island. When Geoff jubilantly tells Nicole that Martha has bought their old farm, Nicole isn’t that excited. When Geoff gives Nicole a tree-cutting from the farm, Nicole compares it to Aden buying jewellery for Belle, and is unimpressed.

Later, Geoff goes over to see Nicole and just as she is telling him how sorry she is and that she wants to be more understanding, Geoff ends things with her there and then

Belle is ashamed of being fired and tells everyone that she quit because Paula was making her life hell. Aden wants to cheer her up with a present, and asks Nicole for help. But when Belle discovers that Nicole and Aden are spending time together, she thinks something’s going on between them. When Aden gives her the gift, Belle’s overcome with guilt.

Irene receives flowers from Lou, but doesn’t respond. He goes to her house to explain that Donna is just protecting her settlement and has had a private detective tailing him for weeks. Irene tells him she really likes him – but Donna’s history with him makes Irene not want any part of this drama.

*Showing on RTE One, Wednesday April 8*

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