Ruby is still not sleeping and Charlie’s worried she’s not coping with all the recent stress in her life, and convinces her to talk to a counsellor. When Geoff finds her sleeping heavily and hard to wake, he’s concerned. Ruby and Xavier argue but Ruby is sick. Xavier leaves and assumes that something is going on.

Charlie and Geoff find Ruby passed out and take her to the hospital, where she’s diagnosed with diabetes. Xavier finds out and confesses that he has known all along Ruby tried to dump him before – he was faking his amnesia.

Nicole is upset after Liam broke up with her and blames Aden for interfering. She then sees him on the beach with two girls and is convinced he’s dumped her to chase women and avoids him. But she thinks she’s messed up two exams, so in order to avoid any more distractions she tells Liam she wants to be with him still. He agrees, and Nicole asks Aden to stay out of her relationship.

Alf asks Aden to help out with Martha’s campaign, but Aden confesses he’s still voting for John. Alf explains John isn’t being upfront with his plans, and when Aden sees John later he lays into him. But John threatens that he can take away Aden’s licence as well as he can protect it. Aden is left with lots to think about.