Geoff and Annie are struggling to deal with the news about Reverend Hall, and go to the church, only to find it covered in anti-Hall graffiti. Together they start scrubbing away the vicious slurs, ignoring Aden’s abuse as he passes by. Things take a turn for the worse when a member of the church arrives to take down Reverend Hall’s name from the signboard. Aden returns to confront Geoff who refuses to take the bait. Infuriated, Aden slaps Geoff hard across the face – but Geoff is proud of himself as he continues to turn the other cheek. Drew can’t bring himself to speak to Belle after discovering she visited Dom in hospital. Belle tries to explain she was visiting Dom to cover their backs after they ran him over. Later, after learning Dom has woken up, Belle again defies Drew to visit him. Dom tells Belle he’s not going to stalk her any more, but will prove to her what kind of man he is. Later, Belle admits to Drew she visited Dom and assures him he’s out of their lives. Not ready to believe her, Drew confronts Dom in his hospital room, and is told that Dom fully intends to give him a run for his money. *Showing on RTE One, Thursday March 6*