Geoff is furious

Geoff is furious to hear from Annie that she saw Martha and Michael lying together in the barn after having sex. Finding it disrespectful of Bruce’s memory, he confronts Michael who can’t deny it. Geoff’s disgusted and kicks Michael off the property, before telling everyone in the Bay what’s happened, to Martha’s horror. As the backlash of the revelation reverberates around town, Michael offers to leave the Bay and Martha for good. But Martha tells him she wants to give their relationship a go.

After Alf agreed to keep an eye on Tam during school hours, Brad offers to have Alf stay with he and Tam in the townhouse. Alf is tempted but eventually turns the offer down. Meanwhile, Pippa continues to improve in hospital and is almost ready to come home, but Sally admits to Brad that she won’t be able to put the accident behind her until Pippa is safe indoors. Brad tells Sally she really won’t ever be over it until she forgives Alf, which Sally still can’t do.

Matilda has a lot of thinking to do after walking out of her exam, and ends up informing Sally and Dan that she’s dropping out of the HSC exams and wants to repeat Year 12 next year.