After talking to Melody, Geoff realises that Nicole set them up. Clearly Melody did enjoy the kiss, and Nicole was manipulating the situation. They both vow that she will never break them up again, with Geoff deciding to teach Nicole a lesson. Meanwhile, Aden reminds Nicole that time is running out for her to get it on with Geoff.

Geoff later arrives at Nicole’s house for his kissing lessons, but instead of going ahead, Geoff reveals he’s made things up with Melody and, as she likes his kisses, he no longer needs lessons. But there are many boys at school who want her to help them and Nicole is stunned as boys turn up at her house for kissing lessons.

Christine Jones gets more parents on her side against controversial book Spring Awakening. Leah and Belle join forces to oppose her as Bartlett confirms Christine has called for a full P&C meeting to bring her issues out in public. Bartlett dismisses Miles’ request to put forward his argument with the help of the students.

Later, Christine is shocked to walk in on Geoff and Melody kissing in the Den and concludes her daughter has loose morals. Christine attacks Bartlett about the kiss and announces she will be taking action against Miles.

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