Geoff can’t believe Claudia lied to him for so long and kicks her out, so Claudia asks Martha if she can stay. Martha agrees, but only if she approaches her parents first. Claudia refuses and begs Irene instead. Irene weakens only when Claudia talks about an abortion and convinces Geoff to let Claudia stay on a few days.

Rachel has a baby shower. Colleen talks about the mundane realities of motherhood, and Rachel has a crisis of confidence. Martha tells Rachel that while Tony isn’t opposed to her going out with Hugo, it’s not going to happen.

Miles tells Kirsty that he wants them to have kids of their own. Kirsty isn’t adverse to the idea, but she’s not sure she’s ready yet. Kirsty overhears Miles confiding to Alf about the family he lost, and his doubts about a future with Kirsty if she didn’t want kids. Kirsty agrees to come off the Pill to try for a baby.

Hugo and Xavier are bonding in the countryside when they pull over to check their map. Hugo allows Xavier to take over the driving. While at the helm of Hugo’s car, driving without a licence, Xavier is pulled over by the police.

*Showing on RTE One, Friday July 24*

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