Geoff tries to help fragile Melody

Geoff learns Melody has been re-enrolled in Summer Bay High because her mother thinks she needs to return to normal life. Nobody will listen to Geoff, until he nearly gets into a fight defending Melody from school bullies. When Miles and Kirsty see how fragile and upset she is, they decide maybe Geoff was right, but Bartlett won’t listen.

Later, Bartlett comes across Melody inside the classroom, with her sleeping bag, ready to spend the night, as she feels safe at school. Finally seeing just how severe her condition is, Bartlett refuses to allow her to come back to school until she’s ready. Christine is furious but powerless to stop the decision. Kirsty is thrilled, until Bartlett gives her an official warning for telling him how to do his job.

After being hassled by the students for his time at the clinic, Aden bunks off school with Nicole. Meanwhile, Nicole’s mother has demanded the return of her car, and with only one day left, she decides to make the best of it. But Roman is unimpressed at the pair’s truancy, telling Aden he needs to keep out of trouble with his court case coming up. Although Nicole resents the lecture, Aden realises he’s got to keep his head down.

*Showing on RTE One, Thursday November 6*

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