After Nicole’s party and Geoff’s rejection, Melody is withdrawn and quiet. When Annie visits to check on her, Melody tells her to leave, but not before she lets slip mention of the party in front of Christine. Later, Geoff is disbelieving when the police arrive to charge him for violating his injunction. Though the police are sympathetic, the law is clear, and Geoff will have to go to court.

Meanwhile, Axel is unusually interested in how Melody was after the party, and turns up at her window that night. He explains that he doesn’t remember anything that happened, and suggests that she doesn’t either. Melody agrees, but is left deeply shaken and in tears. What really happened at the party?

Nicole has to wash the dishes as punishment for her party, and Roman makes her feel guilty when he informs her how her party affected Leah and The Den’s opening. Nicole ends up making a personal apology to Leah.

Miles collects Jai but, despite the big welcome at Summer Bay House, the boy is monosyllabic and disinterested. With Miles having already abandoned him once before, it seems he is convinced he will be abandoned again.

Also, Belle takes snaps of a shirtless Aden swimming in the ocean.

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