George continues to irritate Princess…

The council has decided that their Mandarin programme will be expanded in the local area, but it’s not good news for Princess. She’s worried that new teacher George’s poor grasp of the language will be exposed, and she grows increasingly more angry with him because he simply assumes that she will save him from being exposed.

Meanwhile, Simon’s Apprentice competition at Waterloo Road really begins to heat up. It’s girls against boys, and both teams think they’ve got the winning idea. However, the whole debacle gives Princess an idea… She spots an opportunity to get revenge on George and offers to help the boys with their business.

However, her idea takes a dramatic turn for the worse when an over-zealous Kevin spots an opportunity while everyone else is busy. He tells Princess that he wants his life to be more adventurous, and then kisses her!

Plus, Christine starts to wonder if she has misjudged Simon and Audrey is excited to have made a new friend on the internet, but everything might not be as it appears.