George makes Peter an offer…

Peter accepts an invitation to dinner at George and Eve’s house. Both he and Leanne are stunned when they arrive at the Wilson’s house and discover that the elderly couple are loaded. The surprises continue when George and Eve offer to lend Peter and Leanne the money to open their bar. Leanne’s furious when Peter refuses the offer outright and insists they leave.

Steve tells Becky he’s called off the golfing bet with Dev but Eileen lets slip to her that Steve has gone to the golf course. Becky decides to show Steve who is boss and turns up at the golf club. Determined to distract him she misbehaves and Steve loses his concentration letting a triumphant and gloating Dev win.

Kevin insists Rosie retracts her statement and apologises to Fiz and John. John’s magnanimous and accepts Rosie’s apology. The Websters and Stapes agree to suspend hostilities and steer clear of each other in the future.

Also; Ken admits that he was embarrassed to tell Deirdre that he’s working as a Father Christmas to earn money to buy Simon’s Christmas present, Freda seeks Norris’s help to win a cash prize in a competition; Eileen recruits Jason and Jesse to help her get her own back on Eddie.

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