It’s the day of Vincent’s asylum appeal and George is apprehensive about how the hearing will go. However, it immediately gets off to a bad start when the Home Office Presenting Officer declares there’s no evidence that Vincent is gay and Nana starts to cause a scene.

Dirk doesn’t know how to approach Cindy after her revelation about Browning. With trepidation he searches the back of his van and a chill runs up his spine when he finds a man’s ring with the inscription ‘I Love You Mr Browning 18.06.13’ Cindy frantically tries to escape answering Dirk when he asks her what happened to the doctor.

Cindy reluctantly confesses and tells him about Mercedes and Lindsey’s involvement. Dirk storms off but when Cindy chases after him, her waters break, three months early.

Meanwhile, Ruby and Frankie make a mends when the landlady gives her surrogate granddaughter money to go on a Valentine’s holiday with Ziggy. But when Ruby asks her boyfriend to help her pack, he finds a man’s gold ring and, assuming Ruby is going to propose on holiday, he legs it.