Georgia and Kyle get together

Georgia tells Kate she’s scared of not being good enough for Kyle. Glad to be given her job back at the hospital, Carol tells her she will support her application for the emergency course which will enable her to work all over the world. As Kyle confesses that, after Jade, he won’t do the long distance thing, Georgia calls off her plans. But after she and Kyle sleep together she decides to secretly apply for the course.

Vanessa pleads with Lucas to reconsider calling off the wedding. He can’t understand why she would keep secrets from him, while Vanessa wonders whether he’s looking for an excuse to break up with her so he can be with Steph. When Sonya has a go at Steph, a tearful Steph rushes to Lucas, where Vanessa finds him comforting his ex. Vanessa leaves the apartment, resulting in Steph slowly but surely infiltrating Lucas’s life.

Callum desperately wants to kiss Rani, but isn’t sure how. Toadie advises a romantic gesture, which doesn’t go to plan. However, it still works and Callum is overjoyed when Rani gives him a kiss on the cheek. But it’s a bittersweet moment when Rani has to break the news to him that he won’t be playing the part he wanted in the play.