Georgia breaks Kyle’s heart

Kyle struggles with Greg’s revelation that he has feelings for Georgia and he’s on tenterhooks when she finally arrives. She reassures him that nothing physical happened between Greg and herself, but admits there was a connection between them. Although she loves Kyle, she wants him to set her free and with a heavy heart, Kyle realises his marriage is over.

Amber’s annoyed at Imogen for spilling the scan information to Joshua, so Paige suggests they all go on a camping trip. Later, Amber hears them talking about their boyfriends and insists there’s no boy-talk on the trip. However, when the girls arrive at the camping ground, they are surprised to discover that Joshua is setting up camp right next to them.

Josh advises Aaron if he wants to find out if he and Nate are ‘meant to be’, he has to get to know him, so Aaron offers to teach him Tai Chi. However, when Aaron attempts to impress Nate with a more energetic move, things go horribly wrong as Aaron unintentionally kicks Nate where it hurts!