Georgia breaks Kyle’s heart

It’s Valentine’s Day and both Kyle and Georgia are feeling glum, given this is the day they were meant to be getting married. Georgia knows she has to tell Kyle about her decision to move home to Birregurra, but she’s hoping to avoid him. But they run into each other and agree to have a meal to discuss future arrangements for the baby. As Kyle talks enthusiastically about his plans for the child, Georgia is forced to reveal her decision to move. Kyle is left gutted.

With Lou’s help, Callum’s selling ‘love locks’, to be placed on the bridge over Lassiters Lake. He’s determined to make enough money to buy Josie a fantastic Valentine’s gift… But he’s so busy that Josie’s left feeling disillusioned about the lack of effort Callum’s put into their first Valentine’s Day.

Sonya and Toadie’s relationship is feeling the strain after recent events with Jacob. Through counselling Callum, Sonya realises that she needs to fight for her marriage.

Kate’s feeling depressed about Valentine’s Day, and her day goes from bad to worse when she gets stuck in a lift with Brennan, who challenges her to explain why she’s trying so hard to avoid him. He just wants to be friends. Kate’s left to ponder the proposition.