Georgia collapses on stage

Kyle is determined to end things with Kate because he’s still in love with Georgia. Meanwhile, Kate tells Paul that she and Kyle just need to try harder. Kate and Kyle arrange to meet but a work emergency drags Kyle away, stopping him from saying what needs to be said. When Chris learns that Kyle has yet to do the deed, he counsels him to tell Kate the truth. Kyle heads off to do just that but when he sees Georgia collapse on stage, he rushes to Georgia’s aid.

Georgia has morning sickness and is forced to abandon Jacob at his hearing. Later, she tells Susan that she let Kyle believe that she and Jacob were an item. Sympathetic, Susan reminds her that she’ll eventually have to come clean and tell Kyle she’s pregnant. Sonya’s learned that Jacob and Georgia are supposedly together, and she confronts Georgia. Later, Georgia collapses on the stage

Callum is determined to heal his rift with Josie. He buys a set of rare collector cards and leaves them in her locker. But Callum finds the cards ripped up in the bin and realises Josie wants nothing to do with him.