Georgia agrees to meet Kyle for lunch, but is shocked when Susan suggests that they’re dating again. Firmly believing that they’re just good friends, Georgia goes out of her way to make their lunch date as unromantic as possible, but can’t deny that there’s something more than friendship brewing between them.

Worried that his mother’s gambling addiction won’t get better without his father’s support, Chris tries to make his father see reason, but George can only see Patricia’s actions as a source of shame. Chris despairs, but when the time comes for Patricia to go to court, George has a change of heart and agrees to help her through.

After Terese brings up the idea of returning to school, Josh meets with Susan to discuss how and if he’d be able to go straight back into Year Twelve. Susan is hopeful Josh could return, but he will have to do an assessment to prove his abilities. Josh nervously agrees but admits he’s scared of failure. But with Susan and Amber behind him, he puts his all into the assessment.

Susan later reveals Josh’s efforts were unfortunately not up to par. He’s still welcome to return to school, but will have to drop behind his peers and repeat Year Eleven.