Georgia fears she will lose her career

Amber learns that Cassie has been reported missing by her parents and ditches class to search for Cassie. When she receives a text from Cassie, she finds her and takes her to the police station, where she is reunited with her parents. Amber returns to school where Kate asks her to share her experience with her class mates.

Georgia blurts out a list of her stuff-ups recently to Karl, something which comes back to haunt her when Karl is quizzed by Georgia’s nursing unit manager and he tells the truth. Karl reports the conversation to Georgia, letting her know he had to tell the truth. He encourages her to offer up a credible other suspect like Pete. But Sheila is adamant that Pete was not dealing prescription drugs.

Paul strategises to find a way to convince the Council to vote in favor of the Lassiter’s development. He’s looking to convince a third councillor when he overhears Rhiannon bemoaning the job market. He offers her the job as a sales assistant at a dinner with him and a councillor. But in a phone call following the deal, it’s clear that Paul is offering Rhiannon up on a platter.

Also, Rani talks to the class about her own experiences of on line bullying and Callum’s feelings for her grow.