Georgia fights to prove her innocence

Georgia’s hearing at the hospital looms but her preparation is all for nothing when Toadie reveals that it’s been postponed indefinitely. Georgia discovers the delay is due to the hullabaloo surrounding the announcement of Nick’s cancer research centre. Once again she’s been thwarted by Nick and goes to dramatic lengths to expose him.

Post-Paul kiss, Naomi’s looking to emotionally connect with Brennan. But he’s left feeling confused and seeks advice from Kyle who speculates Naomi may be stepping things up and Brennan is concerned at the thought. If only he knew the real splinter in his relationship is the developing connection Naomi is having with Paul…

Imogen and Tyler’s impromptu date has led them to the men’s shed for a saucy game of strip poker. Even though they flirt, it’s clear Imogen’s holding back. She later reveals to Nick that she’s holding out for someone who ticks all her must-have boxes. Nick encourages her to loosen up and have fun – she’s young after all.