At the hospital, both Karl and Kyle reassure Georgia about her throat. But later Karl drops by with the shocking news that she won’t be able to sing again, and Georgia realises her life may never be the same.

The impact of Brad and Lauren’s kiss continues to ripple as Matt struggles to even be around Lauren. Things are equally tense at the Willises’, as Terese wants to know Brad’s every move. Later, she proposes she and Matt join forces to monitor their partners. Matt runs it past Toadie, who reminds him that relationship’s needs trust to survive.

Paul’s convinced someone has deliberately sabotaged his campaign to be reinstated as Mayor. And he thinks he knows who – Acting Mayor Sue Parker.

Terese is doing her best to cope with Brad’s betrayal when she learns Josh’s job could be at risk. Taking control of one of the small things she can, Terese decides Lassiters will buy the gym and she’ll be Josh’s boss.