Georgia has a decision to make

Scotty declares his love for Georgia and suggests he move to the city to be with her. She listens to what he has to say and says she’ll think about it. Meanwhile, Kyle pours his heart out to Sheila who suggests it’s probably for the best anyway, which is little consolation for Kyle. The next morning, after a conversation with Sonya, Georgia decides to give her relationship with Scotty another go, to his delight… and Kyle’s disappointment.

Priya and Ajay attend their first counselling session and Ajay comes away understanding a little of how Priya felt towards him prior to her affair. He tries to get Rani to warm to her mother, too, and Rani seems to be willing. Then Paul arrives with some bad news – Brian O’Loughlin is accusing her of harassing him. Priya’s job is on the line…

Susan is moving back in with Karl and Sonya asks her what made her change her mind. Susan explains it was their conversation about Sonya hiding her feelings from Toadie. Sonya realises she needs to tell Toadie about her problem – but can she go through with it?