Georgia has a run-in with Rhys

Georgia’s looking forward to her first day at Erinsborough hospital but it gets off to a bad start with an early telling off from grouchy Rhys who’s already had a go at an unwitting Karl. Georgia takes it on the chin, however, and buys Rhys a coffee later, impressing him with her attitude.

Confident his epilepsy is under control, Andrew works all the harder at making Charlie’s a success. Meanwhile, Chris can see Andrew is missing his friendship with Summer and Tash and persuades them to allow Andrew to join them for a game of five-a-side football.

Aidan advises against it, worried the exertion will bring on his symptoms but Andrew insists and during the game he feels a fit coming on, makes his excuses and leaves, to everyone’s annoyance. Later, in Charlie’s, Andrew collapses, waking up to find Tash calling an ambulance. Is his secret finally out?

And Georgia also makes an impact on Kate and gets an invite to the Trivia night, Andrew’s putting on at Charlie’s.