Georgia has to face her emotions

An embarrassed Georgia tells Kate about Sheila’s warning to stay away from Kyle but Kate starts to think her friend really is interested in him. Then Georgia is stunned when Kyle tells her he’s going out on a blind double date and when she and Kate witness him in Charlie’s with a girl who’s clearly interested in him, Georgia realises she has to be honest with herself – and with Scotty. That night, she calls her boyfriend and ends their relationship.

Priya is still trying to find out why she had her affair with Paul but she’s only confused by Rani’s blunt questions about how she could choose Paul over her dad. She apologises to Paul, saying she believes she used him but their conversation only ends with Paul being offended. Priya then tries to make Ajay understand that their marriage had never been an equal partnership but Ajay still believes that doesn’t justify her behaviour. At the end of the day, she comes to the conclusion she’s only made things worse. Then she starts to receive nasty text messages…

After the robbery, Lauren takes Lou for a check-up but he’s OK. The family doesn’t understand why they’ve been targeted but Bailey starts acting suspiciously, hiding a large sum of cash in the garden. That night, Bailey can’t sleep and sits up watching over the house. What is he hiding?