Georgia is fired!

Kyle is gutted when Georgia insists she’s too embarrassed to attend the ball while she’s being investigated over the missing drugs. So Kyle creates a mini-ball in his living room to cheer Georgia up and they share their first kiss. But their romance comes to halt when Toadie arrives with bad news – Georgia’s been fired. 

Callum does his best to dodge Toadie’s questions before his date with Rani. However he’s disappointed to realise Rani’s forgotten their date, and is packing up Priya’s stuff with Ajay.

Rani enlists Callum to help her find out what’s on one of Priya’s old floppy discs and they discover Priya’s long-lost play. Rani makes it up to Callum by inviting him to Harold’s, only to be interrupted by Karl as Rani talks of putting on Priya’s play at the drama festival.

Shrugging off Sheila’s concerns about her new sales job with Paul, Rhiannon dolls herself up to charm councillor Alan. However, when Alan takes it too far, Rhiannon warns Paul she’s not that kind of girl. But Paul’s desperate to get his Lassiters Apartments project through council, and urges Rhiannon to play along. Needing the money, Rhiannon bites her tongue. But when Paul reveals his plan to blackmail Alan, Rhiannon refuses to be a part of it.