Georgia leaves Erinsborough with Gem

Sheila realises she’s badly misjudged Kate and apologises for being a terrible friend. When Sheila tries to warn Georgia of Gem’s manipulations, Georgia refuses to believe her. Aware the net may be tightening around her, Gem tries to talk Georgia into getting out of Erinsborough for a while. At first Georgia declines, but when she sees Kate with Kyle, she decides to leave with Gem.

Sheila warns Kyle he could be sending mixed messages to Kate and to Georgia, and urges him to make a clear statement that Georgia is the one he loves. Kyle decides to present Georgia with the new guitar at Charlie’s in front of everyone. But he’s gutted when he learns she’s pulled out of her gig, oblivious to the fact that Georgia has left town with Gem.

Susan realises she has to tell Karl about her MS relapse, sooner rather than later. She’s not able to do so in time, however, as Paul uses his campaign announcement, in front of a shocked Karl, to reveal the news.

Santa fan Mason and a cynical Imogen disagree about the nature of Christmas spirit. But she can’t help being impressed and charmed as he reveals the ‘Hampers For The Homeless’ project that he and the rest of the Turners are putting together. The pair grow closer as they work together.