Kyle and Georgia write thank you notes for their wedding presents. When a tipsy Georgia remembers Sheila gave them a hideous lamp, she writes a rude email of thanks to her grandmother-in-law… then accidentally sends it.

Matt’s annoyed when he comes home to find out that Lauren has invited Paige to stay. Paige is worried and decides to bake a cake, but it goes disastrously wrong and she wants to move out. Lauren begs Matt to reconsider, and Paige and Matt have a heart to heart resulting in Matt genuinely asking Paige to stay.

Josh refuses to talk the West Waratah Star about the speech he gave at the school. Eventually a frustrated Imogen talks to the paper – only to find they’ve totally twisted it and made Josh look worse than ever.

Toadie and Sonya walk around nude in the house when an important prospective client of Toadie’s busts them. The client is delighted – she’s a naturist too. She suggests a dinner with them and her husband next week and Toadie – eager for the client’s business – agrees.