Georgia feels physically ill at work so Karl encourages her to go home, assuming the Kyle situation is getting her down. When she becomes nauseous during work later, Susan suspects Georgia may be pregnant. Having just heard that Kate slept over at Kyle’s the previous night, Georgia is very worried but Kyle declares she’s the only one he loves. But it’s not enough for Georgia, who’s hurt by the fact that he even had to think about it. Later, she does a test and discovers she is pregnant.

Josh is excited after winning the sporting award, but Amber is embarrassed over what happened at the awards night. She complains to Imogen that she wants to support him but is worried there’ll be less room for her in his life.

Later, Ruby tells Amber Josh’s career is just warming. Amber starts to wonder if she should just accept taking a back seat, but Mason advises her to fight. Amber decides she will, but knows it’s easier said than done.

Susan gets the all clear after her MS relapse, and decides to help Karl out with his campaign. Visiting Brad and Imogen, she learns the Kapoor house might have new residents. Imogen and Sheila encourage her to check it out. Despite getting no response to her knocks, her election pamphlet is pulled in under the door.