Kyle’s working outside Grease Monkeys and a woman whose name he thinks is ‘Ursula’ spills her coffee. Kyle offers to buy her another one and ‘Ursula’ makes a move but Kyle tells her he’s got a girlfriend. Kyle later starts to tell Georgia about the encounter, when there’s a knock at the door – and it’s ‘Ursula’ – who just so happens to be Georgia’s cousin, Gem!

Lauren calls a parents’ meeting to discuss Amber and Josh’s relationship. Terese unwittingly offends Lauren, and ultimately agrees to help her come up with a diplomatic solution. Lauren has a talk with Amber, and Brad has a chat with Josh… And it seems that Amber and Josh are on an entirely different page…

Paul’s fuming that Georgia’s seemingly pulled a swifty in regards to her song and gets on to Tim Collins, to start legal proceedings. In the meantime, Paul learns the tragic news of Jack Lassiter’s death. Georgia is served with legal papers, but when she confronts Paul, she’s stunned that he is now in favour of her donating the proceeds of the song to the hospital.

Tim Collins is similarly surprised to hear that Paul doesn’t want to proceed with legal action and needs his criminal record to be expunged. It seems Paul’s up to something.