Geraldine wants answers about Summer’s progress from a strung out Billy

Geraldine hits the roof when she spots Billy and demands to know why Summer is behind at school

Billy is at the red rec trying to get more methadone off Lee when he gets a call from the school asking him to go in to talk about Summer. Outside the school Billy spots Geraldine and is furious when she tells him that the school have been keeping her updated about how behind Summer is with her work.

Eileen is trying to cheer up Phelan but to no avail. Having rowed with Liz again about Phelan she heads for the hospital to talk to Nicola. Will Nicola be able to convince her that Phelan is not the man she thinks he is?

Maria questions Liam about playing with electrical sockets at school and is baffled when he says he is trying to keep people safe like Uncle Craig.

Yasmeen tells Zeedan he should confide in Alya about Rana. Will he take her advice? Brian gets a haircut from Bethany but lets slip to Audrey that Bethany had a visit from her lap dancing colleague Sam at the salon. Gemma helps Chesney look after Ruby and Hope.

First episode of the evening.