Brian with his bicycle clips, Gerry with his gut-busting shirts and tweedy Jack find themselves like fish out of water when they reinvestigate the murder of celebrated fashion designer Ritchie Levene. Even Detective Superintendent Sandra Pullman has shown more appetite for food than fashion, but she has to lead her team of old dogs down the catwalk as she unpicks the seams of a family feud to get to the material truth.

Ritchie was stabbed to death and his brother Adrian (Rupert Graves – Sherlock) inherited the business. That makes him the killer, says Ritchie’s bitter ex-wife Sarah (Belinda Stewart-Wilson – The Inbetweeners). But his new wife, Alison (Anna-Louise Plowman – Holby City) had moved her junkie ex-boyfriend into the marital home and Ritchie’s secretary had the hots for him. So, clearly, the finger of suspicion doesn’t point just at Adrian. Perhaps someone is trying to stitch him up…

As Gerry helps to discover who’s cut out to be a murderer he finds himself influenced by the world of fashion to the point where he also takes a long, hard look at his dated wardrobe and decides he needs a makeover. Time to enlist the help of police officer and daughter-who-isn’t-really-his-daughter Emily Driscoll (Hannah Waterman). But the new-look Gerry doesn’t get a good reception from all of his old mates.