The glamorous movie world loses some of its glittering appeal for Gerry Standing when the UCOS team are called in to investigate a murder mystery from the past that becomes a crime scene for the present.

It could become a bit awkward, too, when he has to work with police officer Emily Driscoll (Dennis Waterman’s real-life daughter, Hannah), who thought Gerry was her father until the truth came out in the last series.

It all starts with disturbing clips being posted on the internet of acclaimed director Don Maddox bullying actress Eva Roderick on the set of Shadow Show. The film was never completed as producer Max Stone was murdered at the studio and Eva went missing. It was assumed she killed herself but her body has never been found.

The team starts poking around at Pinewood Studios and quickly makes a discovery – the body of a potential witness. Now they have an old murder and a new one. Emily Driscoll heads up the murder squad to investigate the fresh body and adds Brian Lane and Jack Halford to her team. These two old dogs aren’t thrilled to be working in the world of the 21st century police force.

Will they learn anything? Or will the answers to both murder mysteries be found behind the scenes of Shadow Show?