Get dressed Moira, Adam’s home!

While Adam has been away, it has been easy for Alex and Moira to bounce around in her bed. That’s not to say it has been a good idea, but it has certainly put a smile on Alex’s face and a flush in Moira’s cheeks. Young buck Alex is half-stripped, sucking in his stomach and keen to do some more bouncing, but Moira’s hesitant… And thank goodness she hesitates because in walks Adam! He’s back from his holiday and wants to know all the news. So, where do they start? Not with their affair, that’s for sure! But as his back’s turned they’re at it again!

Rhona sees Laurel squeeze Marlon’s arm and she knows straight away that it’s not any old squeeze. Rhona realises that Laurel is Marlon’s main squeeze and suddenly it all becomes clear. Marlon wants to stay in Emmerdale for Laurel! Rhona rushes to tell Paddy, who wants to go straight to Marlon to tell him he knows. “No!” says Rhona. She doesn’t want Marlon to know they know his secret…not yet.

Chas doesn’t seem to care who knows that Dan has the hots for her and even suggests they have a drink together soon. In front of Cameron, probably…