Diane’s not a hard-hearted woman, but she never wanted Aaron living in The Woolpack, no matter how badly he’s hurting over Jackson’s death. But that’s what’s happened – and Aaron clearly doesn’t have any skills in the customer relations department. His menacing presence is enough to turn the bitter even more bitter. Aaron’s at war with the world and his latest target is Carl. He serves Carl a mouthful of threats and Diane tells Chas he has to go.

Debbie’s worried because Sarah has to see the doctor again for more blood tests. Andy’s worried, too. He takes his little girl for the tests then makes it clear to Debbie that he’s not going to move to Spain until he’s absolutely certain that Sarah’s OK. That should be all that anyone wants, but Cameron is put out because Debbie let Andy take Sarah to the doctor. He’s her father! Get over it!

David is far from over Leyla’s departure. While nursing his broken heart he has to cancel all the wedding plans and he just can’t cope. Pollard takes him for a drink, but David doesn’t stop at just the one… He gets roaring drunk and says things he shouldn’t.