Young African-American photographer Daniel Kaluuya is on edge about meeting his white girlfriend Allison Williams’ wealthy parents at their swanky home in the country.

But he has no idea quite how unsettling the weekend will turn out to be…

This is a terrific feature debut from writer-director Jordan Peele (of TV sketch show duo Key & Peele), a provocative, deeply creepy horror thriller that pushes racially sensitive buttons with fiendish skill and darkly comic wit.

Kaluuya makes a hugely sympathetic lead, Williams drips posh suavity and Bradley Whitford and Catherine Keener are spot-on as the ostentatiously liberal parents.

Peele (seen in last year’s kitten-kidnap comedy Keanu) handles his film’s tonal shifts brilliantly, as toe-curling social discomfort gives way to prickling unease and jolting jump scares.