Series three ends with an episode packed with tense drama on the streets and in the courtroom when a case abandoned by the police comes back to haunt them in a terrible way…

Stephanie Blake, who has been stalked for two years by a creep who calls himself Giovanni, begs DS Ronnie Brooks and his partner, DS Jamie Bamber, for help. Stephanie knows nothing about her tormentor but he has made it his nasty business to know everything about her, even the details of the toiletries in her bathroom. Stephanie is scared; his emails and phone calls have become more sinister but he’s clever – he’s never actually threatened her. This means there’s not a lot the police can do for Stephanie. They try to trace her stalker but get nowhere and have to call off the investigation. Then something awful happens to Stephanie and Brooks and Bamber have to deal with the fall-out.

The stalker is put in the dock, but his barrister, Evelyn Wyndham (Anna Chancellor), is good and gets important evidence excluded. Even on top form, Senior Prosecutor James Steel struggles in the courtroom until a police officer steps up as a witness. It’s the boost the case needs but – and this is a big but – is the officer lying under oath to get the right result?