For weeks, Cain has accused Charity of sleeping with Jai and she has not been able to convince him he was wrong (and he was). So, Charity figures, let him be right… After more than a year of sleeping with only one man – a record for Charity – she’s declaring herself back in the game (not to be confused with ‘on the game’, which Charity has also been in the past) and Jai’s in luck. In the pub, in front of Cain, she kisses Jai and tells him to take her home… to bed.

Jackson’s out of his bed and off to hospital to get a new set of wheels and Aaron offers to go with him. No thanks, says Jackson… but Aaron can call by later and take him for a spin, if he likes. Hmmm, not what Hazel wants to hear. She wants Jackson to make a fresh start – and so does Jackson’s dad, Gerry (yes, Mr Misery is back).

Nicola doesn’t want a fresh start, she just wants to continue her life with Jimmy. But he’s disappeared and, frighteningly, the police tell her the blood they found in Jimmy’s van is his.

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