Zak’s gone to meet the loan sharks and he thinks he has gone alone, but Belle has stowed away in the back of his van. She knows her dad is in trouble and wants to help. Zak parks up in an empty barn and the loan sharks park up beside him. Face to face, Zak tells the men he has no money and they get ready to make him pay in another, more painful way. That’s when Belle jumps out of the van waving a shovel and tells the men to shove off. She doesn’t add that she has already called her mum and that help is on the way…

Robbie needs help to find a way to make himself useful. He’s quite happy having nothing to do all day but that’s not what Declan expects of him. Carl talks about needing a driver and Robbie steps up. There! Now he’s got a job and Declan can get off his back.

Ruby is usually telling Dan to get off her back because he’s usually moaning about how Ruby stole Ali away from him. But this time Ruby listens in stunned silence as Dan tells her she’s the one person who makes Ali truly happy and they forgive each other and get back together.

*Second episode*

So, when Belle called Lisa for help with Zak and the loan sharks, Lisa called Charity – and Charity calls Cain as she drives Lisa to the barn. But Cain hangs up and turns off his phone. So that’s the way it is then. Charity charges into the barn alone and tells the loan sharks she’ll tell the police they hurt Belle – backed up by quick-witted Belle, who lies and says the men have hit her. Not wanting that kind of grief, the men leave, with a knee in a groin from Charity to help them on their way. Back home, Lisa puts Zak in his place and Charity deals with Cain, telling him the Cain she knew wouldn’t have left Zak to fight such a battle on his own.

Paddy and Rhona have to wrestle with the possibility of Paddy working in New Zealand – that’s a hell of a commute! Which is why they would have to move there: Paddy, Rhona and Leo – Marlon’s son. That’s the kind of news Marlon would handle about as easily as he would a red-hot pan without oven gloves.

Katie’s bad news is that Robbie is still around. He’s starting to creep her out, especially when he calls her ‘Auntie Katie’.