When two badly burned bodies appears within days of each other the officers team up with DCI Julie Dodson (Pippa Haywood) and her team to try and apprehend the killer before they strike again.

Rachel narrowly escapes being strangled by suspect Nadia, (Lisa Riley), and as she’s catching her breath her old flame Sean (Sean Maguire) appears on the scene. Sean’s a traffic cop who’s just transferred back from London, and though Rachel’s not seen him for 10 years, there’s still chemistry between them.

Her home life remains as complicated as ever when her estranged brother appears at her door one rainy night begging for a place to stay. Dominic (Liam Boyle) has just been released from a stretch for armed robbery and Rachel really doesn’t want her fellow officers finding this out.

Meanwhile, it looks like Janet’s marriage is over after she kicks husband Ade out. She confides in Rachel, but she wants to keep the news a secret from colleague Andy, who she had a brief fling with last year.

Janet’s worried about how she’ll look after her daughters alone, and how her girls will cope with their father gone…