Author Ewan McGregor takes on a job as ex-Prime Minister Pierce Brosnan’s ghost writer for his memoirs.

Only trouble is, the last man in the job was found dead on the beach and McGregor doesn’t look like he’ll survive for very long, either.

Holed up on a wintry island off the coast of New England, McGregor begins stumbling on some dark secrets lurking in the charming and glib ex-PM’s background, while his slippery subject’s manipulative wife (Olivia Williams) and slinky aide (Kim Cattrall) hover in the background.

Director Roman Polanski and his cast have considerable fun with this adaptation of novelist Robert Harris’ bestselling political thriller and the twists and turns in the plot (including a suspenseful sequence involving a car’s satnav) hold the viewer enthralled all the way to the nail-biting climax.