Gilly suddenly feels uneasy about Rhys being around Cheryl when Jack comments on his way with the ladies. His suspicions are aroused as he searches Rhys’ room for evidence. Duncan’s almost caught with Suzanne’s underwear, but quickly hides them out of sight when Gilly comes into the room. But when Gilly finds them he’s terrified that his secret is out.

Suzanne and Neville arrive home as Gilly accuses Rhys of sleeping with his fiancee. An embarrassed Suzanne is forced to admit the knickers belong to her and it soon becomes clear that Duncan’s responsible. Gilly realises his mistake and apologises but Cheryl refuses to be with someone who doesn’t trust her…

Darren gets drunk and makes a pass at Zoe, but she’s horrified and pushes him away. Zoe realises he’s just trying to hide his upset over Hannah and encourages him to tell her how he feels. Later, Zoe visits Hannah in hospital and forces her to admit she’s ill.

Also; Elliot’s surprised to find Sheila waiting for him back at the flat and is forced to admit his true feelings for Leila. He calls round to see Leila, and Anita and Ravi are shocked when Elliot reveals that Leila’s sacrificed her dreams for her family.

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