Zak, Gilly, Rhys and Russ are practising their strip moves for their big night at the Loft. And while Gilly and Zak are looking forward to the evening – hoping to impress a few desperate housewives, a nervous Rhys and Russ are ready to pull out.

But events take a turn for the worse when the line-up suffers a last-minute hitch and Rhys finds himself alone in the crowd. And when Gilly goes too far, somebody unexpectedly finds themselves on stage…

Amy is in big trouble with Kathy who sees her latest mishap as further proof of her unsuitability to be a mum. Things get worse when the Health Visitor arrives and sees how inexperienced Amy is with baby Leah. But Amy shocks both herself and her mum when she reveals she actually has strong feelings for her baby.

Back at The Loft, Clare feels sidelined when Warren’s strip night proves a huge success. When Clare takes her bad mood out on Justin, Warren advises him to stand up to Clare, but surprisingly, he and an unusually vulnerable Clare end up having a heart to heart.

And just as Justin sees a human side to Clare, he takes things too far…

*Screened on TV3 on Friday, April 6*