Gilly and Jacqui kiss!

After Jacqui finds out about Rhys’ infidelity she heads home to a tipsy Gilly. The pair drown their sorrows and try to make eachother feel better about their disastrous relationships. But they only to find themselves embroiled in their own infidelity, and Tom’s a witness.

Carmel frantically rushes in when baby Angel takes a turn for the worse, and turns to God in her time of need. Theresa wakes up and tells Carmel and Myra that Ethan knows about Calvin and there’s a chance she’ll be going to prison.

In the village, Gilly and Lindsey have the flat to themselves. But as Gilly gets frisky with Lindsay she brushes him off and reveals she’s found a lump in her breast. She wants to continue the evening, but Gilly becomes snappy and makes her worry when he mentions Steph dying of cancer. She realizes he’s not over Steph and she ends up storming out.

Also; Duncan takes Ruby and Esther to the diner for Valentine’s day and Ricky turns up. It’s clear he’s interested in Esther, but she’s keen on Ruby.

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