Gilly and Steph kiss!

Rhys thinks Gilly needs to man up and tell Steph how he feels. Gilly tries approaching her at work, but loses his bottle when he finds out she’s joined a dating website. When Gilly finds out from Jem that Steph wrote him a letter confessing her love for him, he finally finds the confidence to approach her. The two finally kiss.

Jacqui’s about to dump the murder weapon in the river, when they spot policemen patrolling the village. Later, DI Andrews comes to the McQueen’s and Mercedes is hauled off for further questioning. Her interview is interrupted when Malachy shows up. Desperate to save Mercedes, Malachy tells DI Andrews he killed Calvin!

Elliot wakes up in hospital where Archie’s caught trying to bargain for his silence. When Elliot explains that Archie was using him as a guinea pig, Kris goes ballistic. While everyone’s distracted, Elliot escapes. Kris finds him and while he explains that Elliot’s missed his exam, Archie leaves Hollyoaks for good.

Also, Cheryl realises Malachy suspects his wife of murder. She tells DI Andrews as much, but then realises her mistake when Malachy goes to rescue Mercedes.

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