Steph shudders, embarrassed over her audition failure and finally gives up on her showbiz dreams. She resigns herself to the fact that she’ll spend her last days making fruit shakes, as Frankie worries to see her so down.

Steph’s sickened to see Gilly cosying up with Carl Costello; now she’s failed her bid for stardom, Steph’s certain her fiance will want Jem back. When Gilly comes to see Steph she assumes he’s here to dump her and gives him short shrift. To her surprise Gilly’s got a big question he wants to ask.

Michaela’s working on a story about Des the racist, convinced this will make her name as a hot-shot journalist. Fearful that she’ll find out about his role in all this, Zak begs her to drop it, but she simply won’t let it go.

Kris knows that Des prayed on Zak when he was vulnerable, so is willing to stick by him, but he insists that Zak needs to tell Michaela all.

Also; Elliot meets a friend called Kevin who claims to be an alien. To Elliot, he’s just a normal boy but the more he learns about his mysterious new extra-terrestrial friend, the more intrigued he becomes.

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